Our sales force enjoys fully customizable agent Web sites.

Each Web site is designed to put our agents in touch with today?s Internet customers by utilizing the latest technology and lead generation features. 

AgentSuite Web sites include:

  • Agent-centric Property Search with agent photo and contact information displayed throughout the entire search
  • Automatically uploaded listings
  • Agent-centric "Premium Services," a unique lead generation tool
  • Technology and features superior to other company?s websites
  • ?My New Home? section for buyers, which warmly expands your sphere
  • Proven lead generators working for you 24 hours a day
  • Slide shows uniquely showcase your listings
  • "How Much is MY House Worth", a unique lead generation tool
  • Customizable sections for Properties, Real Estate Services, Community and Your Personal Profile
  • "Personal Home Tour", a unique lead generation tool
  • Advanced Control Center makes managing the website simple
  • Built-in mortgage calculators, daily mortgage rates, school information, weather and much more
  • Personal domain name support (e.g. www.johnsmithrealtor.com)
  • Content valuable to the online consumer
  • Pre-addressed ?new message? email from the consumer to the sales professional at the click of a button 

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services sales professionals save on average over $1,000 each year in online website expenditures by utilizing our Web sites and superior technology tools.